The Trent Store was built in 1884 by the Mognet Brothers for Jacob C Miller. It was known as the Miller Store which was the only commercial establishment in the farm community. The store was built on the John Putnam Farm, a tract of land patented to Alex McClean around 1805 and knows as “Summervale.” The store served the community with general merchandise, post office and hotel. In the history of the Trenthouse, the property housed a stable, ice house, warehouse, buggy shed and gas pumps.


The village of Trent was formed when a political meeting was held and S.U. Trent, a young attorney, made his first speech at the Trenthouse. At this meeting, the people decided to name the vicinity “Trent” after this attorney. Mr. Trent moved to Pittsburgh later but the town of Trent remained.


There is a Moore family story of walking to the Grist Mill in Jones Mill on snow shoes during a storm.  In getting there, tree twigs were broken andinthe spring, the visible broken tree twigs were as high as 14 feet high.  The first bridge in the county was crossing the Laurel Hill Creek in 1797. There is also evidence of various Indian occupation and trails in the area. The bridge outside of the Trenthouse was preceded by a covered bridge, built in 1849 for $70.00 andwas tore down in 1937 or 1941…. almost 100 years.

National Register of Historical Places
NRHP #92000948

Historic Significance:
Architecture/Engineering, Event

Architect, builder, or engineer:
Mognet,Newton, Et al.

Architectural Style:
Queen Anne

Area of Significance:
Architecture, Commerce

Period of Significance:
1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949

Historic Function:
Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Government

Historic Sub-function:
Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Government Current Function: Commerce/Trade


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